10 Questions with Alan Wardle – Head crayon and chief coin counter at AnyForty


Part 1 of our exclusive interviews with some of the best designers and suppliers around the world. Throughout this series we will be speaking to local and international designers and owners of distributors in the world of street wear. 

This weeks interview is with Alan from AnyForty         

1) What attracted you to the world of street wear?

The first thing that got me into streetwear was my obsession with hip hop as a kid, i wanted to wear the Champion sweats and the Timberland boots i saw these people in magazines and on tv wearing, that kind of grew into a broader love of streetwear in my late teens, leaving behind the mainstream American stuff and discovering the likes of Addict and WeSc. All just snowballed from there onwards really! I’ve always wanted to wear stuff that most people around me don’t wear.

2) Where does the inspiration for your designs come from?

All comes from my own head or the artists i collaborate with, i’ve never been one to really get inspired by what others around me are doing, don’t get me wrong, i see stuff released from other brands that i love, but i’d never say, right I need to make something like that, I just make stuff I like. My main rule I’ve learnt from building a brand from the bottom up, is never produce something you wouldn’t wear or buy yourself.

3) What advice can you offer to others looking to start their own brand?

Sounds brutal, but I’d say to anyone starting a brand up, are you starting the brand because you want to see people wearing your designs or is it because you want to make money from it? If it’s the first then go for it, chuck your all at it, stay passionate, and work harder than the next man. If your into it to make some money, i’d not even bother unless your incredibly lucky, launching a street wear brand isn’t a good way to go about making money!

4) If you could collaborate with anyone or any brand in the world who would it be with?

If you’d asked me this question years ago, I would have said a collaboration with a US brand would be next level, link up the UK & US markets but i might have something like that in the pipeline at the moment. So todays answer is, I think I would kill to do a collaboration with someone out of the streetwear circle and something proper out my current reach. So for example I would love to do a collaboration with a car manufacturer someone like Audi, where the whole interior of a prototype car could be fabric created especially by AnyForty and one of our artists, some wacky shit like that would be sick! Next level beyond street wear collab’s is where it’s at in a world where anything is possible!

5) What’s your favourite footwear?

I’m a simple man to please in the footwear game, in the winter Jordans with jeans, in the summer Air Max 1’s with shorts. That’s my yearly uniform, never no crossing over!

6) What’s on your music playlist at the moment?

Ever since i was a kid I’ve been obsessed by hip hop and it’s no different now, hip hop all day, every day. US, Australian, UK, listen to it all, checking the store iTunes, last 3 albums i’ve played today have been The Last Skeptik “Thanks For Trying”, Demigodz “Killmatic” and Dialetrix “Satellite EP”

7) What is your favourite drink?

Soft drink I absolutely love Coconut Water, boozey drink all about Crabbies and ice, especially for a nice summers day, if it ever comes this year!

8) If you were an animal what animal would you be?

A husky dog. Loyal, hard working and friendly.

9) If you were a superhero what super powers would you have?

The ability to see through bull shit! Can spot a billy bullshitter a mile away!

10) What’s next for AnyForty?

Well, currently just launched our “Blood, Sweat & 5 Years” Spring collection, celebrating 5 years of survival and we’re 2 weeks into our 3 month pop up shop at Boxpark, Shoreditch in London. So we’ve a lot of exciting stuff planned for that including a AnyForty BoxPark takeover where we take over the top floor of Boxpark on Thursday April 18th for a night of musical shenanigans, including a set by our man The Last Skeptik performances from MC Illaman and beatboxers Ball-Zee and Experimental. Free entry and free booze supplied by Desperado. So the next 3 months full of planning in store events and making a start on the Autumn/Winter range. Busy!

Thanks Alan

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